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Twinwall Pipes

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Twinwall Pipes
Twinwall Corripipe is ideal for land drainage and flood risk management projects. An external corrugated wall is fused with an inner smooth wall to ensure strength and rigidity on the outside and efficient flow on the inside. The design, unlike traditional single-wall pipes prevents silt accumulating.

  • Available in 110mm, 150mm, 225mm, 300mm, 375mm, 450mm,and 600mm
  • Perforated or unperferated


  • Smooth internal wall prevents silt accumulation.
  • Lightweight supplied as standard in 6 meter lengths.
  • Fewer joints means quick and easy installation.
  • 750 newton strength.
  • Couplers included.
  • BBA, HAPAS Roads & Bridges Agreement Certificate No 02/H069.
  • Benefits

    • Reduced silt build up means increased flow rate.
    • Easy to cut on site – reducing plant and labour costs.
    • Elimination of waste compared to traditional pipe.
    • Full range of fittings and accessories available.
    • Can be installed in depths from 0.5 to 10m.