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High Tensile Barbed Wire

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Available Size
1.6mm wire
2 mm wire


High tensile barb wire that comes in a choice of 1.6mm and 2mm thicknesses. High tensile barbed wire is being increasingly used by contractors due to the fact that once strained it does not stretch or slacken. This makes it a highly convenient and low maintenance solution for the long term. It is constructed to the BS EN 10223-5 standard and coated to the BS EN 10244-1/2 standard. This versatile and strong barb wire can be used to deter trespassers or to protect livestock from predators.

Long life & low maintenance
Versatile & strong
Constructed to BS EN 10223-5
Coated to BS EN 10244-1/2
Height: 200m


  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Colour: Galvanised
  • Material: Steel

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1.6mm wire, 2mm wire