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Cashels Bale Grab

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Cashels Bale Grab

The Cashels Hydraulic Bale Grabhas been developed for the stacking, handling and transport of silage, straw and haylage bales. The unique curved design of the Bale Grab guarantees that the bale is cradled towards the curved main frame and held securely by the two paddles. This ensures that both the weight and pressure are evenly distributed across the unit while in use. The unique design of the Cashels Bale Grab ensures there is no damage to the bale during handling and transportation. When stacking bales, either of the two paddles can be locked in position, allowing the other to do all the movement. This feature, along with the slimline, robust tube used in the paddles, ensures the bales can be stacked tightly together without compromising the bale integrity.


  • Heavy-duty ram with check valve.
  • Slimline, robust paddles manufactured from high grade structural tube.

Locking paddles for precise handling in confined spaces.

  • Unique curved design maintains bale integrity and provides maximum strength and durability.
  • Suitable for use on bales up to 1500mm (5’).


  • Length 1450mm
  • Widght 1220mm
  • Height 660mm
  • lift capacity 1000kg